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The mission of Alleo Health System is to provide comfort and compassion to families in need throughout the aging process. Our family of care includes hospice, palliative care, and perinatal hospice care as well as care-sitting, caregiver support, social services and grief support. Our hope is to be the most forward-thinking and future-forward family of care services across the Southeast. We’re here for you when you need us most, always.

Started as Hospice of Chattanooga, our organization has provided family-focused care to meet the medical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients and their loved ones for 40 years. Today, our commitment to provide compassionate care is as strong as ever. That’s why we created Alleo Health System, a healthcare organization that encompasses each arm of the Hospice of Chattanooga family, from our palliative care program or our private duty sitting service to our children’s care and grief support programs.

The name of our company —Alleo—is derived from the word “allay,” which means to alleviate and provide comfort. This meaning rings true as it highlights and celebrates our mission of providing comfort and compassion to families in need.

As Alleo Health now embodies our full family of care, we remain true to the Hospice of Chattanooga mission of providing family-focused care that is rooted in compassion, accountability, communication, enthusiasm, and excellence as we look toward the future. We continue to further enrich our community through education, planning, and nurturing the aging process, and will remain the same fully committed, dedicated organization that has made a difference in our community all these years — now with the power to help even more people.

Alleo Health System serves 37 counties in Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.

Our Companies in Georgia

Hospice of Chattanooga

Hospice of Chattanooga provides hospice and palliative care services to the Northwest Georgia region.

Angel Heart Hospice

Angel Heart Homecare and Hospice provides hospice and palliative care in the Atlanta area with offices based in Marietta.


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