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Based in Asheville and currently serving GA and 6 other states, Broad River Rehab is the fastest growing therapy company in the US. Broad River Rehab takes great pride in being a “knowledgeable, compassionate and innovative partner”.

About Us:

  • Outstanding Compliance! Our PDPM tools like Document Navigator and PDPM Navigator allow the “golden needles” in the haystack of documentation to be found much more efficiently and accurately.
    • Document Navigator is a 24/7 front-end app which scans the resident’s history and physical for keywords. It bridges the PDPM information gap between the disciplines.
    • PDPM Navigator is the most down-loaded hand-held app for skilled nursing in the country! Every aspect of PDPM is present so you can see the effect of changing any part of the assessment and understand how it impacts not only your HIPPS code but also your reimbursement. Check out the details at (Tech).
  • The Broad River Rehab proprietary tools and processes are foundational to excellent clinical care. The verifiable numbers confirm the effectiveness of the impact on per-patient per-day reimbursement.
  • No Drop in Therapy Minutes Post-PDPM! We believe in the efficacy of therapy. As a result, we have not decreased staffing nor Medicare Part A treatment minutes under PDPM.  We believe high patient outcomes and patient satisfaction are superior to higher profit margins.
  • We know GA Medicaid CMI very well. At the GA facilities we serve, CMI increased 30% after beginning a partnership with Broad River Rehab. Generally, low trending CMI scores are not attributed to your residents per se and can be addressed with improved coding (i.e., MDS accuracy).
  • BRR employs one of only approximately 25 RAC-CTA Master Teachers across the country. Imagine the training possibilities for your Community!  Check out our SNF University. We provide ongoing industry-wide training opportunities – currently offering a 4-part series with AAPACN and ACHCA with CE credit, all no charge. ( – Education).
  • Are you curious how your Community compares with the other GA Communities in the areas of PDPM reimbursement or CMI? What are suggested strategies if the numbers are not aligned with where you think they could be or should be?
  • We succeed together. Let us share the “secret sauce” with you!

Tricia Wood, VP Business Development


Joel VanEaton, BSN, RN, RAC-CT, RAC-CTA, Master Teacher

  • Joel VanEaton, EVP Compliance & Regulatory Affairs, Broad River Rehab

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