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Clinical Laboratory Services, Inc.  is in a unique position to provide comprehensive laboratory services to all current and future Nursing Care Facilities in NC, SC, AL and especially our home state of Georgia. Specializing in LTC, for over 20 years, CLS services thousands of LTC beds daily and supports the only full services laboratory providing routine testing services to facilities in these states. CLS continues to lead the industry in Quality Control, Quality Oversight and Continuity in care, some of the basic differences include;

  1. All testing performed under one roof for NC, SC, AL and Georgia. This eliminates high cost Hospital testing, inconsistencies in methodology, delays in testing and provides continuity in care including Critical Result reporting and monitoring.
  2. CLS routinely provides onsite services seven day per week AM and PM with all testing set up and reported STAT. This eliminates costly and inconsistent STAT testing taken to local hospitals and build back to your facilities as a STAT service. Many hospitals are also discontinuing support of these costly non reimbursable services.
  3. CLS will assist each of facility, if not already in place, in developing a Laboratory Critical Care plan or Plan B, with local hospitals in each of your facility locations.
  4. CLS is the only commercial reference laboratory in the S.E recognized by the State Department of Health as a Sentinel Laboratory in the identification, isolation and monitoring of Antibiotic resistant organisms.
  5. CLS is the only laboratory servicing LTC in the SE that incorporates proper specimen stabilization and preanalytical quality into our Quality Assurance. We provide a centrifuge and specimen collection containers at the onset of services and offer continual monthly supply orders for our clients.
  6. CLS Phlebotomy Technicians are CLS employees covered by CLS professional liability and workman’s comp. insurance who receive pre-employment and annual back ground checks including drug screens.
  7. CLS Phlebotomist are tested weekly for COVID-19 by PCR and have documentation with them when servicing facilities, this is to fully ensure that we are not exposing any of your patients to COVID.
  8. CLS provides COVID-19 PCR results within 24 hours of receiving the specimen with the ability to produce comprehensive results for all staff and patients along with turnaround time data to ensure you are meeting HHS guidelines.
  9. CLS Quality Assurance is the best in the industry with comprehensive oversight of standing orders, incomplete orders, critical call reporting, electronic notification, and statistical review of outcomes for Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.
  10. CLS provides monthly QA checks by our Client Support team and Field Support team to address all your needs and questions.

CLS would love to be your partner in healthcare! Reach out to us today to schedule a comprehensive laboratory review.

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