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Select Rehabilitation is the nation’s largest, privately held contract therapy company.  We recently acquired RehabCare, in December 2020.  This acquisition has given us the unique advantage of being able to include their well-established resources and programs into our own proven systems.

It is particularly advantageous since we are now able to provide our clients a depth of resources and management oversight that cannot be matched in the industry.

Our greatest advantages include the fact that we offer…

  1. Flexible pricing models: What does that mean to you the Provider?

It means… we will collaborate with you to create service and pricing models that meet your service and financial objectives.  For example, this may include our al la carte Management Only model that supports your in-house rehab program.

  1. Revenue enhancement technology

 Why is this technology important to you?        Let’s start with our…

 MDS Assist Software:  Our software is proven to increase our customers average PPD by $35.00-$45.00. That is REIMBURSEMENT you may be currently leaving on the table.

  • E-Learning: Our e-learning platform includes nursing CEUs through NAB (National Association of LTC Administrator Boards). Why is that important?  #1, its FREE, but…it also provides you with a safe, competent, and legally compliant workforce.
  • Telehealth: Most therapy providers are now offering telehealth because of COVID.  The fact is that telehealth is likely here to stay.  It is important to you because it is necessary to ensure no interruption in care is caused by staffing shortages, isolation protocols, etc.
  • Patient Portal: Our Patient Portal is simply an app that you download to your smartphone.  This app allows families to see how their loved one is progressing in therapy on a daily basis.  Why is this important to you?  The one thing we recognized during COVID was that those facilities that offered access to our patient portal app, had a MUCH higher satisfaction rate with respect to communication throughout COVID.  Right now, more than ever…customer satisfaction is critical as we become increasingly more competitive and as we are all vying for the same patient.  Which leads us to the next advantage…
  1. Our commitment to critical relationship
    • On a quarterly basis we complete a market analysis using the most CMS data available.
    • This data is used to evaluate your facility needs and referral opportunities.
    • Once identified, together… we create and execute a plan that includes hospital information, competitor information, conveners, marketing materials, branding tools etc. to secure the highly sought-after patient for your open bed.

Finally, we are absolutely focused on outcomes.  Why are outcomes important to you?  As you already know…OUTCOMES are EVERYTHING!  They are your revenue, your costs, your reputation, satisfaction, staffing stability…everything!

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